Family History of Mrs. Anita Kunal

(Some notable individuals from her family)

1. Saraswati Prasad Shahi also known as Chanchal Shahi
Feudal Lord of Sion Estate which is located in Vaishali District

2. Kapil Deo Prasad Shahi
Advocate at the Patna High Court

3. Jamuna Prasad Singh
Belonged to Ghataro Village which is situated in Vaishali District

4. Dwarka Prasad Sinha
He was born and brought up in Chapra District and later he served as the Treasury Manager to the erstwhile Maharaja of Darbhanga

5. Shatrughan Prasad Sinha
Principal of Patna Collegiate School and a teacher of Geography

6. Rajkumari Devi or Sudama Devi
Born into the Zamindari Family of Baikathpur

7. Sacchidand Sinha
Army Major

8. SP Sinha & Ramanand Prasad Sinha
Worked at TELCO

Family Tree :