Biography of Mrs. Anita Kunal

Anita Kunal was born in the year 1956. She started her education at the prestigious Notre Dame Academy, Patna. Because of the prevailing norms back then, she was married off at an early age to Kishore Kunal. She continued with her studies post marriage and went on to receive degree of MA and M.ed. Later she became the Managing Trustee, Founder and Treasurer to MVV Nyas. In 1984, she established a chain of the famous Gyan Niketan School into a boys and a girls school respectively. She also administers Vitthal College of Education and a college is under construction at Greater Noida. The school is considered exceptional in academics and is equally good for sports. Anita Kunal one of the four children of Yashodanand Sinha and Prem Lata. Yashodanand Sinha was a retired Excise Commissioner in Bihar Government and Prem Lata is the only daughter of Kapil Deo. Inspite of coming from wealthy and influential families, Anita Kunal’s humble and self effacing attitude has established her as an example of exemplary womanhood and brought to her many accolades. She continues with her extraordinary work in the field of education and hopes to brighten the future of many.

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